Simple, Cheap, Yet Elegant and Useful

This is how I would describe affordable or cheap web design; simple, cheap, yet elegant and useful. I think that it is essential for people to understand that they will get what they pay for. Many web developers have no clue what they are doing especially in this country yet they pass themselves off as professionals. No web developer would hide any sort of information from you. Things like page titles will not be marked as “page1” or “Untitled” etc. neither will the page titles be monotonous. If you find your website in this condition you know that you have dealt with a clueless person who is chancing at you and has used you for your hard earned money.

There are many factors that influence a simple page design. The most important factor that I would personally focus on would be the information that is presented and the fact that this information needs to be clear, concise and to the point. People online want immediate information, not fancy designs and flashing nonsense that takes ages to load. They want the deliverables, they want your service and or product, and they want YOU.

Try as you may, you will always find those simple websites that produce easy to understand informational and smaller scale pictures will get better rankings, better results and more sales. Many small businessmen and women do not seem to understand this and they would argue with the experience of a web developer. Remember that eye-catching design can be done using simple colour combinations. Pictures are sometimes not even necessary unless you are showing a product.

Having a cheap and effective website can help small companies grow exponentially and ignite a flow of income that will surely bring the company into question the type of results that they expect.

Clients seem to ignore the advice from web designers and eventually when the website doesn’t work they want to blame the web designer instead of admitting to their own mistakes and taking full responsibility for it.

Companies that do not have immediate access to finance can negotiate with a web development firm to make payment arrangements in certain ways as agreed to by both parties and then a full website can be designed and developed.

Another important thing to remember is that web development and design are completely different fields. Most web developers would “hand code” their websites meaning that they would program every line in a web site by themselves using a simple text editor such as MS Notepad.

However, there are plenty of both open source and proprietary software packages that can help both designers and developers make their coding processes much easier and fundamentally increase turnaround time for clients.