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Welcome to your Smart Surfer Dashboard

Your current balance is: 

Welcome to your Smart Surfer Dashboard

What is it?

 We have introduced our loyalty programme aptly named Smart Surfer. We award you for various things as listed below

We are the first full-house ISP to offer a loyalty program in South Africa and we invite you to join us now!

How do I use it?

Points can be used towards your monthly payments and to buy Top Ups. It can be used for new service sign-ups and transferred to friends and family if needed.

What am I awarded for?

You are automatically awarded for your monthly payments provided that they are on time and that your account is not in arrears.

Every time that you Top-Up your data.

Confirmed referrals*

FaceBook and HelloPeter reviews**

What are the Benefits of Smart Surfer Rewards?

– Zero joining fees.
– Awesome Web hosting, Data and Voice line rewards.
– Out of this world discounts.
– Free E-mail notifications

How do I join the programme?

New clients will be signed up automatically and existing clients are already signed up to receive our fantastic rewards.

What are the costs?

There are no costs or monetary subscription for this service.

How and when do I start earning rewards? You will be assigned certain tasks to complete, upon successful completion of tasks you will be rewarded with points, which will appear on your rewards