Fibre to the Home (FttH) is Ultra Fast Broadband! It is by far the best way to connect to the internet. Proniit offers a wide range of Capped and Uncapped Fibre services to suit your needs.

You will need:

A Fibre Line to Your Home
A Fibre Modem or Router from us
An Active Fibre Service

Fibre Coverage

when the map shows purple, you have coverage!

Classic Uncapped Openserve

Ideal for the casual user

If you’re not planning to stream data hungry videos or download large files, then this service is great for basic browsing & email. Never worry about how much data you use.


Deluxe Uncapped Openserve

Looking to get more out of the Internet? Look no further.

Go all out with Deluxe Uncapped data. This service is custom built for the power user to allow unlimited streaming, gaming and browser downloads.


Corporate Uncapped Openserve

Get down to business with a service that is tailored for business protocols.

Get straight down to business with an enhanced online experience, specifically tailored for business protocols.

Combine your line & save!

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    Once you receive all your information, your devices (if applicable), you're set and ready to surf the internet!

Important Fibre Information

Fibre Broadband Access is supplied as a best effort service by the supplier. Areas marked as available on the map may not be Fibre ready at your particular address due to a number of factors. Pre-orders do not guarantee that Fibre will be available at your particular address once the planned project has been completed. Should we not be able to proceed with your application we will advise you thereof.

Fibre installations are subject to an installation and connection fee. Additional fees may apply should trenching be required to complete the installation, Proniit Broadband will make any additional charges known to the client and the client will be required to accept or reject these charges before the order is completed. Please note that should the service be ordered and the incorrect address is supplied, the client will be responsible for all charges relating to the order placed at the incorrect address.

An additional fee will be charged for re-grading the speed of a fibre line as well as outdoor transfers (new address) and transfers between Service Providers. Cancellations for fibre lines must be submitted via the Client Control Panel at least 30 days before the cancellation date.

By completing the order it is deemed that consent has been received from the landlord, owner or body corporate for the installation of the service.

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Classic Uncapped Fibre Openserve

Classic Uncapped Fibre with Line Rental Openserve

Deluxe Uncapped Fibre Openserve

Deluxe Uncapped Fibre with Line Rental Openserve

Corporate Uncapped Fibre Openserve

Corporate Uncapped Fibre with Line Rental Openserve

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