DSL is a Fixed Line Broadband solution which uses existing telephone lines to surf the internet. Proniit Broadband offers a wide range of Capped and Uncapped DSL services to suit your needs.

You will need:

A monthly billed Telkom phone line
A DSL Line from us
A DSL Modem or Router from us
An active Proniit Broadband DSL service

Capped DSL

Take control. Get exactly what you need.

Track your usage with a fixed amount of gigs every month. 20GB is our smallest package, 2000GB our biggest.


Prepaid DSL

No surprise bills.

If you prefer to pay for your Gigs before you surf then you’ll like this service. With Prepaid DSL you can budget for your data in advance and top-up as you go, to avoid monthly surprise bills.


Classic Uncapped

Ideal for the casual user

If you’re not planning to stream data hungry videos or download large files, then this service is great for basic browsing & email.


Deluxe Uncapped

Perfect for the power user

Go all out with Deluxe Uncapped data. This service is custom built for the power user to allow unlimited streaming, gaming and browser downloads.


Business Uncapped

Superb connectivity foryourr business.

Get straight down to business with an enhanced online experience, specifically tailored for business protocols.

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    Once you receive all your information, your devices (if applicable), you're set and ready to surf the internet!

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