Benefits of Advertising Online Media

There are many detailed methods that a company could use online to promote their businesses and I intend of giving you a few examples here and over the next couple of weeks I will provide you with all the detailed reasons’ why you should be advertising your online or offline business on the internet and on websites and through the various media and affiliate companies that offer you exactly what you need and that includes us, The Proniit Group.

Bear in mind that these techniques (online advertising, Search Engine Optimization, media releases via the internet and social marketing) are not modules that can studied at university. Therefore we encourage you to ask questions, engage with your desired advertising company (even if it is us) and make the decision that you feel most comfortable with. Also, ensure that you find a solid example of a project that the company has worked on.

Web Site Specific Advertising (Banner, text and links)

Online marketing is a skilled technique that requires diligence and a lot of time to undertake. It requires that online marketer completely understands his target market and the caliber of people visiting a site before he or she decides to place advertising on any particular site. online, web site specific adverting, is much more precise and yields a greater amount of new leads, inquisitions and or subscribers to a particular service and or product.

Because of the complexity and precision of the entire process, you can be sure that your advertising will yield the desired result in a particular time frame. With the advanced analyzing statistics that web sites can and should be generating, it is possible to determine who exactly you are advertising to, how many people will respond to your ad and the entire profit that will be generated for your service and or product.

Successful advertising within the online world requires that you choose the right compnay that has various in which to help you and that they make this very clear to you in document form and pitching thier techique and methods used directly to you.

Most advertising agencies offer up your adverts on another person’s or company website. With The Proniit Group however, all your advertising is placed across the sites that we personally own and make up The Proniit Group – from insurances to cooking and everything in between. Whatever your market is, we have your niche.

More important factors:

1>You want to ensure that millions of people see your advertising. Great! We have all the traffic that you need within our network!

2> You don’t want someone from the USA seeing your ad and trying to buy from you (unless you do, then we have another great system for you!) so we geo-target your advertisements to South Africa ONLY.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Lets assume that you have an online business and want more visitors (traffic) more targeted leads and more sales. With our unique return on investment strategies we will continue to grow your business and you can watch as you soar higher way out of the reach of your competitors. We will ensure that you rank for you keywords, thereby driving only interested clients to your site. We won’t stop there – we will ensure that there is continued success for your business by keeping afloat both the online advertising and the SEO strategies that we have learned.

If you do not have a web site we will help you there as well! Just contact us, view our rates and lets’ have a chat about what would be best for your business and how we can grow it for you.

The bottom line is that you want value for your money and more clients. Once we are done with an entire campaign for you, you listings will stay constant and may from time to time need a boost here and there. But you can be assured that you will reap the rewards in the end.

For valuable marketing decisions and advice to get your site ranked and advertised contact us now.

Dalesh Kowlesar
The Proniit Group
CEO / Founder

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