A Tip on Social Media Marketing

Many web masters, designers and developers alike tend to forget that they can largely increase their social media presence by simply making sharing their content easier for the user.

Social Media has become so fast paced that any readers that are loyal to your website would not even think twice about sharing your content in their social media networks if, and only if you make the ability to share the content as easy as possible.

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Small Business Web Site Design

In an age where we find that modern web design and development becoming more and more important we also realise that the quality of our work is the number one priority. Even the smallest of business need a good website to retain their current customers. It also helps their current customers to quickly find contact numbers, email address and directions to the offices of the company. Not to mention that it would help current clients refer friends directly to the website thereby increasing word of mouth marketing which to date remains the best source of marketing for any type of business.

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Simple, Cheap, Yet Elegant and Useful

This is how I would describe affordable or cheap web design; simple, cheap, yet elegant and useful. I think that it is essential for people to understand that they will get what they pay for. Many web developers have no clue what they are doing especially in this country yet they pass themselves off as professionals. No web developer would hide any sort of information from you. Things like page titles will not be marked as “page1” or “Untitled” etc. neither will the page titles be monotonous. If you find your website in this condition you know that you have dealt with a clueless person who is chancing at you and has used you for your hard earned money.

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Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Are Closely Related

Today I am sharing a simple chart on effectively gaining search engine ranking. All the chart shows is the various methods that can be used to help make your site more favourable to search engines. Feel free to print it out and post someone near your desk so that you always have a reminder of what makes a great SEO.

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SEO comes with quality content and an understanding on how you can promote your work and online presence. I also have a small chart of top social networking sites to utilize in order to help you gain higher rankings in search engines below.

[download id=”3″]

Social media marketing and search engine optimization are closely related and together help websites gain authority. You should always remember that if you offer up useless information then your website will probably never rank well no matter what you try. Keeping your content simple, easy to navigate and to the point you will bring in more users and have a greater chance of having your work noticed and shared or recommended to other internet users and this is precisely what Social Media and Search Engines are about.

Free WordPress Business Theme

This is my first Free WordPress Business Theme. I hope that many people enjoy using it.

Support is offered on this site. There is still plenty of work to be done on the theme so please let me know of any bugs you may encounter.

This theme is designed to be lightweight and easy to navigate and also is meant for sites with a lot of content. Because the theme is light it will serve up pages faster and more efficiently.

Free Business WordPress Theme
Free Business WordPress Theme

Download Here »

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SEO in the Real World

What makes search engine optimization so special? It’s the ability to have potential clients visit content or product pages on your site thus increasing your revenue margin. This has become a rather meticulous and precise process that has undergone many changes over the years and will undoubtedly go through more changes as we increase our own personal potential to change technology and the way in which it works.

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SEO Gone Sour

Search Engine Optimization Gone Sour


Speaking from experience, Search Engine Optimization can go sour very quickly. When I realized just how important it is to the survival of not just my business but my very being, I quickly began to set a direction for the process and have come up with a few Web Task Sheets. I call them that because they give me a complete understanding of what I need to keep doing in order to keep ranking well. I am not talking about ranking number one on Google but rather about ranking well enough to get my companies and ideas out into the world.

It takes time and concentration and is a rather demanding job which only becomes encouraging when there are real results to look at.

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