Web Design & Development
Proniit Media offers world-class Web Development & Design helping you to create an effective space to market your business or sell your products online with ease and peace of mind.
Built Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Marketing ensures that your online presence is easily accessible and noticed by both users and Search Engines. Search Engine Rank Positioning.
Cross Platform Browsing
All of our Web Development is based on a comprehensive support system so that you do not need to worry about the device from which your customers or clients find you regardless of whether it is a Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC.

Proniit Media - Our Method

  • Design & Develop
    First Step
    Design – We take your design ideas, your logos and colours and bring all of this together. We then suggest ideas that may suit your business based on research of your industry. We consult with you about colours and provide you with quality. Develop – Once we have all of your information readily available, we begin development of your website i.e. coding; ensuring that the system is ready for implementation. Once your website is ready we add in your information, pages, services, contact form and all the necessary information for your business. If you choose to go beyond step 2 then we set up and implement Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Research & Analyze
    Step Two
    Research – We research your market and give you the necessary feedback regarding your industry and the way in which your target market is likely to interact with your website. Analyse – Analysis of your target market is carried out using various industry specific tools. This step is where we find all of your necessary keywords to help ensure that your website is Search Engine Friendly.
  • Strategise & Market
    Step Three
    Strategise – We create a marketing strategy for you and provide you feedback. By creating a comprehensive and easy to understand report on a marketing strategy we are able to communicate what we can do for you. This is where Social Media Marketing and further Search Engine Optimisation takes place. Market – Using the information gathered in the previous step, we begin to market your website. This is where your Return on Investment becomes noticeable. (Talk About ROI)
  • Set Goals & Reanalyze
    Step Four
    Set Goals – Using the Google Analytics service, we set up what is known as goals. These can be anything from a simple contact to a sale. Each and every visit to your website is monitored and the user interactions are used to determine how your website is engaged with. This information helps us to with the next step to reanalyse your customers’ relationship with your website and garner a greater understanding of how we can increase your revenue. Reanalyse – Using all of the information from the steps above, we are able to get a larger and clearer picture on where to take your marketing next and in doing so we are able to increase the traffic to your site and in turn, increase your revenue.
  • Restart
    Optional: Step Five
    Why do we restart? After a few years, you may find that your web site does not meet current standards. Our attitude at Proniit Media is to ensure that your online presence is always reinforced by the latest developments in technology because technology progresses with time. This includes Design and Development, Marketing Strategies and ensuring that your target market is still searching for you optimally. One of the most important features that Proniit Media offers as a standard service when beginning a Web Site is Fully Integrated Mobile Support which simply means that your website can be viewed on any device. This comes from the latest regulations (2017) set by Search Engines. The idea is to ensure that your website continues to meet the standards and criteria of current customer search inclinations which in turn ensures that your online presence performs at its optimum capacity.
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